SHIV SHAKTI SPONGE IRON – Ironclad commitment to brilliance

As of the most sought-after TMT Bar manufacturers in India, Amit Metaliks is also responsible for producing the best quality of sponge iron. Used majorly in the manufacturing of steel, sponge iron is manufactured with great care by processing iron ore. Our enviable steel composition is what results in quality sponge iron production.  

Amit Groups is committed to be a leader in the iron and steel industry of India. Our core expertise lies in the manufacturing of TMT Bars, thus also making us one of the most sought-after steel and iron manufacturers. Sponge iron is integral to the production of quality steel and at AMIT Groups, we are dedicated to the production of quality raw materials. 

The Sponge Iron is majorly used in the making of steel, it is a metallic product which is produced through direct reduction of Iron Ore in the strong state. Sponge iron manufacture is highly sensitive to raw material characteristics. Therefore, the process used aims to drive off the oxygen contained in the various forms of iron ore - sized ore, concentrates, pellets, mills scale, furnace, dust, among others, to convert the ore into metallic iron.

The manufacturing team at Amit Group ensures that we produce high quality sponge iron by maintaining an environment friendly process. The implemented eco-friendly procedure mapped with electrostatic precipitators result in controlling pollution and minimizing waste.

The steel composition of the sponge iron produced at Amit Groups comes replete with the following characteristics: 

  • High iron content and high degree of metallization
  • Uniform and consistent quality
  • Lower sulphur and phosphorus content
  • Negligible tramp element
  • Minimum dust generation during material handling
  • Superior technical support to induction furnace operators