At Amit Alliance, you will get the opportunity to work across multiple industries and with various clients - Indian companies, public and social sector bodies, and multinationals on a variety of strategic, operational, organisational, and industrial functionalities.

Learn and Grow

Amit Alliance nurtures talent and molds them into leaders who help take the company and nation forward. Here, you will learn every day to take on the challenges that matter and make an impact on nation-wide industries and organisations. It's a chance to work with some of the most diverse and talented people. At the same time help clients transform their business.

Work-Life Balance

We at Amit Alliance, understand that when an employee doesn't make time for self-care or important commitments it eventually damages their output and productivity, so we encourage and support employees to lead more balanced lives. With lax work timing and flexible work schedules, paid time off (PTO) policies, and company-sponsored family events, our team enjoys a quality life.

Current Openings

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