VSP UDYOG PVT LTD- Newest acquisition of Amit Alliance

The newest acquisition of Amit Alliance with spending of almost Rs. 200 crores, VSP UdyogPvt. Ltd. boasts of a manufacturing capacity of 2 lakh MT/year which is under expansion by1.3 lakh MT/year with backward integration of billets.

Om Prakash Agarwal is the promoter of VUPL, who established the Company named VSP Udyog Pvt.Ltd. in the year 2002 and set up a unit in Durgapur, West Bengal. It started with one induction furnace with two crucibles of 8MT in the year 2005 and another with two crucibles of 8 MT in the year 2006. Thereafter, in 2008, the Company set up a TMT Rolling Mill unit of 18” (Roughing 18 inches stand) 15 stand mill in Durgapur having a capacity of 80000 TPA with a speed of 12 Ton/15 Tons per hour with a start-stop shearing machine.

To enhance its capacity and speed, it set up a continuous casting machine 4/7 in the year 2010. In the year 2012, the Company set up its second TMT Rolling Mills of 20” (Roughing 20 inches stand) 15 stand mill at the same unit which is fully controlled by the DC motors, where speed can be adjusted according to sizes and lengths. It is a high-speed mill with a good production capacity of 120000 TPA with an average speed of 18/22 MT per hour with a continued shearing machine.

To improve the quality and the production of this second rolling mill, the Company installed a Rake Type of Cooling Bed that is very modernized and the most expensive Cooling Bed ever set up by any secondary TMT producer in Eastern India. In the year 2015, a 15 MT induction furnace with two crucibles was further installed to make this unit a high-speed conveyor so that the materials do not get cooled and it does not damage the rolls of the Rolling Mills. There are two reheating furnaces of two Rolling Mills Unit-I


M/S VSP UDYOG PVT. LTD.has been taken over by M/s Amit Metaliks Ltd. (AML), based on its Resolution Plan submitted to NCLT, as Resolution Applicant (RA vide pursuant to approval of the Resolution Plan in the CIRP by Adjudicating Authority by its Order dated 20th October, 2020. The Plant is situated at Banskopa, P.O- Bamunara, Dist.Pachim Bardhaman, West Bnegal.





Present Installed Capacity


TMT Bars


Rolling Mill-I &II

2,00,000 TPA




2X8   MT & 1x15 MT