Life At Amit

Amit Alliance is dedicated to delivering nothing but the best to its clients and partners. We go the extra mile and ensure that our deliverables maintain our quality standards. In the process of doing so, the team celebrates the small and big achievements.

Recreational activities whether it be in the form of everyday stressbusters, a fun working culture or annual sports tournaments, we do it all. Office retreats to outdoor locations are a common practice at Amit Alliance, so are monthly get-togethers.

We believe that a healthy life is the way for a fulfilling work life. That's why at Amit Alliance, we pursue employees to lead more balanced lives. Employees enjoy lax work timing and flexible work schedules, paid time off (PTO) policies, and company-sponsored family events. Thus our team enjoys a quality life.

Safety for employees is also our primary concern. We ensure all our employees undertake necessary safety measures while working at heavy machinery or at industrial sectors. All our offices and plants are safety compliant, in addition to being equipped with fire safety measures. Employees are taken through fire safety drills at regular intervals.

Life at Amit Alliance is a fulfilling balance of learning, fun and growth.